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Alive Group For Alive People

Rules Box

We Gave 85,580 :points: To Our Members In Contests,

Be Ready For Next Contests ,

You will see different and fantastic Contests here ,

We make every effort to bring joy to your hearts with creating blogs where we gave you awards for various reasons,the small award considered as a memento on behalf of our.
I want to say:
This group ( all-world-works ) is our big house and we want to have a place full of love and friendship.

How You can help Our Supporting Part :
Feature In our groupHello
Our group has a good development in supporting members and we hope keeping on this way well.
How to Feature here?
It's very easy,
Weekly Feature : At least 15-20 :points: Every Week
Monthly Feature : At least 70-100 :points: Every month
Yearly Feature : At least 840-1080 :points: Every Year
Best Feature :  At least 300-400 :points: Every Month
awesome Feature :  At least 750 :points: Every Month
Then you are one of our supporters and we add your name in the list, also the list will be written in all of our group’s blogs.
For In developing Gr

Our Previous Contests :
About Contests And all of our Contests till nowHello
In this Journal I want Explain you all What is the reason of making our group .
I make this group to helping all of Artists who are Unknown with Rewards with giving hope to Them ,......
2- Every month Randomly we give some of our members some Rewards  

Our Contests :
1- we every month give all of the best works in group Rewards . ( it mean if you submit your works , you participating in our first contest )

2900 Points Rewards ( August 2013 ) by All-World-Works
3150 Points Rewards (September 2013 ) by All-World-Works
3050 Points Rewards (October 2013 ) by All-World-Works
1500 Points First Winner Opportunity ( Closed ) by All-World-Works
2460 Points Rewards ( November 2013 ) by All-World-Works
1230 Points Rewards (December 2013 ) by All-World-Works
Christmas Winners by All-World-Works
January Winners .(2014) by All-World-Works
2- we give our members randomly Reward . ( Just be a member )
Randomly Rewards Start-up ( February 2013 ) by All-World-Works

Todays Contests :

:bulletblue:Rules (Important):



- Please make sure you submit your art in the right folder! If not, it will be declined and this will waste the admins' time so please don't do it.

-We accept all forms of art (apart from +18 :p )

Mature Content

- Mature works of art like nudity and gore are not allowed here. All kind of bloody, sexual, and other mature content deemed inappropriate will be declined.


- Unlike other groups, this group accepts all kinds of quality! Feel free to submit your art to the appropriate folders.

don't submit hate art! Hate art will not be accepted by the admins in the submission process and you also risk the possibility of being blocked by the group.


- At this moment, we are not accepting any advertisements of contests, points or anything else.


- Currently everyone is limited to one submission a week. If this does change it will show here.

These Rules can be changed anytime, Please check back every now and then to make sure.

  • The best Features:


  • Monthly Features:


Welcome to All World Works

Welcome everyone!

Come Join All World Works today! We're here to help get your art noticed, and it couldn't be any easier.

And that's why we have requested YOUR art.
If you've been requested, then please join us.

Simply click the "Join group" button at the top of the page, in that big blue box there!

Why Should you join us?

:bulletblue: We may not be the biggest group around, But we will try our best to get your work noticed by others. and we appreciate and love every art work that passes through here.

:bulletred: As a Super group, that gives us more options and flexibility todo Contests and points giveaways. so come join in and stick around and maybe you will be our next winner.

:bulletgreen: We take take time to interact with our members and say how much we appreciate your artwork and look at each one that comes through.

On the Right side there are rules and a lovely chat box to interact with. Come join us and say hello. We would love to hear from you.

Thank you everyone for your artwork and we hope you enjoy All World Works.

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  • Monthly Features:


Do you believe in God ? 

9,594 deviants said Yes
6,485 deviants said No
3,286 deviants said Not thinking about it

How is Our Group(all-world-works )? 

4,863 deviants said Awesome
3,317 deviants said Very Good
3,056 deviants said Good
1,454 deviants said Not Bad
454 deviants said Very Bad
169 deviants said Bad
We would like to apologize to all of you posting the strict rules that we did just recently. Also, we apologize for those of you that were subject of those rules and were declined and sent a dead link along with your declined submission. We are not posting those rules. They were too strict, and we are listening to what you all had to say.

Speaking of which, we would like to hear more. What do you have to say about our group? What would you like to change? Do you find anything confusing? Are our folders working to your expectations. Would you like to see us have more and/or different contests? Tell us what you would like. After all, you guys are the reason that we are still running as a group.

We have been tossing a couple ideas around and would like to hear what you all think before we implement them.

*A Mature Art Folder
*A WIP Folder
****And getting rid of our Manga Anime folder (new information added!)

Suggestions mentioned by fellow members:
*Mixed Media folders/sub-folders
*Fan Fiction folder, perhaps as a part of the literature folder.
*Tutorials and Resources folder, for how to do's and DIY's on Crafts, drawings, etc.
** A Pixel Art folder, with several sub-folders. (details down below)

We want to first allow more adult oriented art, if you all want to, that is, and we would create a mature folder for it all to go in. We also thought of a Works In Progress folder where you can constantly change and redo your piece and then when finished, resubmit it to the folder you want.

**Pixel Art (main folder)


***Though, as a solution to the manga and anime folders being removed, this is what we came up to replace it.
Any Fan Art featuring Manga and Anime characters from copyright works would have it's own subfolder in the Fan Art main folder.
Any original artwork that contains original characters but done in an anime esque style, I would think should go into a folder based on what medium was used, like Digital or Traditional. Perhaps they would be named Traditional OC's (Original Characters) and FC's (Fan Characters), and have a Digital one with an almost identical name.

For example for the Fan Art folder:

Fan Art (being the main folder)
-TV and Movies
-Manga and Anime Characters <--- Being the new name for the current Anime Manga folder in Fan Art.
-Video Games
-Cartoon and Comic Book Characters

And for the original artwork done in anime style or for fan-made characters, with the parenthesis removed of course:

Digital Art (main folder)
-Digital OC's (Original Characters) and FC's (Fan Characters)

Traditional Art (main folder)
-Traditional OC's and FC's

Post in the comments section your answers. We want to hear from you all. How can we make this group better?

I would very much appreciate it if you were to visit my poll below and vote. Maybe we can convince the founder to change our group for the better to include what I have said above.…
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Everyone is welcome to join members. Because Everyone does have their own distinct & unique personal style. You'll be automatically accepted when you press the join button on the left side of our front page. Artwork must be submitted to the right folder. It´s all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet underappreciated artists going unseen on deviantART daily.
Super Group
Until Aug 6, 2015

Founded 2 Years ago
Nov 18, 2012


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...I never said I wasn't patient, but it was never announced that join requests would be paused so I was a bit surprised.
Considering the first thing that is stated as you come into the group is: "Welcome Everyone!"
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