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Alive Group For Alive People

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We Gave 86,755:points: To Our Members In Our Previous Contests.

Be Ready For Next Contest!

You will see many different and fantastic contests here!

We make every effort to bring joy to your hearts with creating blogs where we gave you awards for various reasons,the small award considered as a memento on behalf of our.
I want to say:
This group, All-World-Works, is our big house and we want to have a place full of love and friendship.

How You Can Help Support Us :
Feature In our groupHello
We Gave  86,180 :points: To Our Members In Contests,
Be Ready For Next Contests ,

Our group has a good development in supporting members and we hope keeping on this way well.
How to Feature here?
It's very easy,
Weekly Feature : At least 12-20 :points: Every Week
Monthly Feature : At least 49-100 :points: Every month
Yearly Feature : At least 588-1080 :points: Every Year
Best Feature :  At least 300-400 :points: Every Month
awesome Feature :  At least 750 :points: Every Month
And also You can be as a Supporter , (it mean you give us some points :points: you can every month or week)
If you'd like We advertise your Deviations In Folder Featured : Every Deviations : 49-100 :points: for one month ,
Then you are one of our supporters and we add your name i

Our Previous Contests and How You Can Participate :
About Contests And all of our Contests till nowHello
We Gave  86,180 :points: To Our Members In Contests,
Be Ready For Next Contests ,

You will see different and fantastic Contests here ,
In this Journal I want Explain you all What is the reason of making our group .
I make this group to helping all of Artists who are Unknown with Rewards with giving hope to Them ,......
2- Every month Randomly we give some of our members some Rewards  

Our Contests :
1- we every month give all of the best works in group Rewards . ( it mean if you submit your works , you participating in our first contest )

2900 Points Rewards ( August 2013 ) by All-World-Works
3150 Points Rewards (September 2013 ) by All-World-Works
3050 Points Rewards (October 2013 ) by All-World-Works

Today's Contests:

:bulletblue:Rules (Important):



- Please make sure you submit your art in the right folder! If not, it will be declined and this will waste the admins' time so please don't do it.

-We accept all forms of art (apart from +18 :p )

Mature Content

- Mature works of art like nudity and gore are not allowed here. Sexual, Sexually Suggestive, and other Mature content deemed inappropriate will be declined.
This means that we decline:

:bulletblack: No sexually suggestive artwork at all.
:bulletblue: No topless people (regardless of gender or race), no see-through clothes, no skimpy clothes, no revealing clothes, and no suggestively removed clothing.
:bulletblack: No sexual poses at all.
:bulletblue: No portrayal of implied or outright sexual acts.
:bulletblack:No angles that show off or make the eyes focus on sexual organs (being from the side, from below, front, etc.) or are implied to be provocative.
:bulletblue: No excessive blood or gore. If your artwork entails someone bleeding profusely more than enough to be covered up by a band-aid, then your piece will be declined.

This goes without saying that this applies for artwork featuring males, females, anthropomorphic people, pretty much anything or anyone that can be sexualized in some way, shape, form or fashion.

We also decline artwork and literature pieces that feature curse words and gestures, such as flipping the bird, the "F" word and any other hatefully charged slang or wording that could be used to harass or belittle people.


- Unlike other groups, this group accepts all kinds of quality! Feel free to submit your art to the appropriate folders.

Don't submit hateful artwork! Hate art will not be accepted by the admins in the submission process and you also risk the possibility of being blocked and removed by the group.


- Contact to Founder ,


- Currently everyone is limited to one submission a week. If this does change it will show here.

These Rules can be changed anytime, Please check back every now and then to make sure.

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Do you believe in God ? 

9,706 deviants said Yes
6,557 deviants said No
3,319 deviants said Not thinking about it

How is Our Group(all-world-works )? 

4,904 deviants said Awesome
3,346 deviants said Very Good
3,079 deviants said Good
1,473 deviants said Not Bad
458 deviants said Very Bad
178 deviants said Bad

Contest:  ( Jan 2015 )

Contest: Random-Draw ( Jan 2015 )

Hello ,...:huggle:

First  Fave :+fav: this blog ,If still you love your Group .

To participate in our Contests Join our group then  Fave this Blog ,

How does the Contest work :

Every member has one chance in this contest , it means we consider one number for each member , then we use this site: for choosing Random numbers (winners) .

And the numbers that are chosen will be for our random members .

This time we consider 20 winners .:huggle:

and 20 points rewards for every one . :O


    Our Dec & Nov 2014 Randomly Winners .

  1. :iconmoonlight98: (number:2213   )
  2. :iconkc-adopts:  (number:25371   )
  3. :iconphilomathicdusk:  (number:12739   )
  4. :iconmochaninny:  (number:49195   )
  5. :iconnainasamima: (number:19801   )
  6. :iconshugolottie:  (number:40420   )
  7. :icontariwonka:  (number:10436   )
  8. :iconminiminirainbows:  (number:28656   )
  9. :iconhaduriyui: (number:20326   )
  10. :iconrisabug18:  (number:11197   )
  11. :iconpetrosatyricon:  (number:46783   )
  12. :icondalanatha:  (number:51594/b>   )
  13. :iconchylezhiien: (number:9659   )
  14. :iconpendinatore:  (number:10344   )
  15. :icondeangagatr:  (number:33381   )
  16. :iconmaipictures:  (number:45776   )
  17. :iconrumiki:  (number:1357   )
  18. :iconmaemy:  (number:59282   )
  19. :iconensoom:  (number:8716   )
  20. :iconchiiiart:  (number:19682   )

  21. -------------
    12 More added :

  22. :iconlikelylupine: (number:10622   )
  23. :iconsonou12:  (number:25564   )
  24. :iconnena-linda-pink:  (number:28670   )
  25. :iconvictorfernandopaz:  (number:50718   )
  26. :iconexoesqueletodv:  (number:8392   )
  27. :iconarachne3003:  (number:36607   )
  28. :icongabrix89:  (number:32664   )
  29. :icondinawanaojt:  (number:41423   )
  30. :iconask-rin-02:  (number:59030   )
  31. :icondreamisdestiny1:  (number:38547   )
  32. :iconpetercriss:  (number:24807   )
  33. :iconblackstormclaw:  (number:11562   )
  34. ------
    2 more added :

  35. :icontuliplou:  (number:57717   )
  36. :iconlibregts65:  (number:7634   )
  37. ---------
    1 more added :

  38. :iconchabbix:  (number:59609   )


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Everyone is welcome to join members. Because Everyone does have their own distinct & unique personal style. You'll be automatically accepted when you press the join button on the left side of our front page. Artwork must be submitted to the right folder. It´s all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet underappreciated artists going unseen on deviantART daily.
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Nov 18, 2012


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XUranusX Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2015
thnx so much  :3
JUMBOLA Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Cheers for accepting my art. Ahooooy Matey! 
Gamer-Goddess Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm sorry but I'm going to have to leave the group, I'm too busy what with exams and all. So I'm sorry, because I know how much you need help sorting things but I have to focus on school.
GD-Doreen-BJ Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I understand how you feel. I am at university and I also have a lot to do.
It's sad that you want to leave the group.
Is there not the possibility that you help on weekends or holidays? Nobody expects that you help full-force 24/7 ;)
Gamer-Goddess Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I could try, I might only be able to on weekends 
But I'm not quite sure with all the studying I need at the moment
GD-Doreen-BJ Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really know how you feel. I write 6 exams in Febuary during two weeks... (so much f***ing studding  I think I've fainted. )...
If you don't have time on weekends it is not a problem. You can help again, when you finished your exams :)
(1 Reply)
syac90 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Can this be submitted or is it too much blood?

GD-Doreen-BJ Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Actually our rules are very strict concerning mature content. We want to have a family-friendly atmophere here. So your work would contain to much blood. Sorry
But it is an awesome painting :)
syac90 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww thank you.
No problem dear. Thank you for taking your time to reply.
Tsukiiyo Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Where is the folder Digital Painting, I'm lost :c
For it : The biggest crime by Tsukiiyo
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